Company Profile

Leading Jinxin biochemical valve&Industry biochemical equipment benchmark

Forty years of technological accumulation; forty years of quality pursuit;National production and research base of antibiotic valve biochemical valve with scale, characteristics and high professionalism;Customizing special professional needs for customers.

Founded in 1982, the company is a national high-tech enterprise, a member unit of China's biological fermentation industry,A small and medium-sized technology enterprise in Zhejiang Province, a vice president unit of Wenzhou Pump and Valve Industry Association, and a core enterprise in Wenzhou.The company has a municipal research and development center and drafted the national chemical industry standard HG/T4086-2009 Biochemical Special Globe valve in 2007.The company has carefully designed and produced the zero-leakage antibiotic valve series products that meet the requirements of biomedicine, fine chemicals and preparations, and has obtained more than 20 national utility model patents and appearance patents.The anti-theft sampling valve has obtained the national invention patents (fill the domestic vacancy), and is known by experts as "the killer of leakage and the helper to control the infection".

The automatic control instrument division of the company provides customers with the selection, design and application of automatic valves (pneumatic valves, electric valves).In order to better comply with the new GMP and FDA certification of biopharmaceutical enterprises, and the traceability of the process control of production products for the automation of the biopharmaceutical industry. Our company has put into production pneumatic valve series: pneumatic antibiotic globe valve, pneumatic three-way seed transfer distribution station valve, pneumatic ball valve, pneumatic diaphragm valve, pneumatic discharge valve, pneumatic diaphragm regulating valve and other series of products.

Enterprise Culture

With the mission of serving customers, making employees happy and leading the industry,
In the spirit of Phoenix Nirvana,
Jinxin firmly promote transformation and upgrading and high-quality development,
and strive to become an outstanding enterprise of the times.


Serving customers, making employees happy, leading the industry


Become an outstanding enterprise of the times


Take customers as the center, take value creators as the foundation, continue to strive for win-win results

Qualification Honor

Enterprise History


1982 —— Yongqiang Pharmaceutical Equipment Factory was established

1988 —— Ouhai Overseas Chinese Pharmaceutical Machinery Valve Factory was established


1994 —— The company undertook the fourth national fermentation tank and system seminar

1995 —— Wenzhou Jinxin Pharmaceutical Machinery Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was registered and established

1996 —— Held a new antibiotic valve technology appraisal meeting

1996 —— Dai Qingjun, former deputy director of the State Administration of Medicine, visited the company for guidance

1997 —— Participated in the National Symposium on Pharmaceutical Technology Transformation

1998 —— Enterprise trademark registration (No. 1215366)


2000 —— Zero dead angle opening type antibiotic globe valve was granted a national patent

2002 —— The three-way antibiotic globe valve was authorized by the national utility model patent.

2002 —— Wenzhou Longwan District Science and Technology Research and Development Center approved

2003 —— Antibiotic valve won the certificate of high-tech products in Zhejiang Province

2003 —— Antibiotic valve was rated as the famous brand product of Wenzhou pump industry

2004 —— Won the title of Zhejiang Science and Technology SMEs.

2004 —— Antibiotic valve was rated as excellent product in Wenzhou pump valve industry


2005 —— The company won the title of Longwan District High-tech Enterprise

2006 —— The company obtained the Pressure Pipeline Special Equipment Production License.

2006 —— The company won the title of Excellent Supplier of East China Medicine

2007 —— The company obtained the ISO9001 International Quality System Certification

2007 —— The company drafted the national chemical industry standard Biochemical Special Globe Valve (HG/T4086-2009)

2007 —— The company name was changed to Wenzhou Jinxin Biochemical Valve Co., Ltd.


2008 —— The trademark JinXin was rated as a famous brand trademark in Longwan District

2008 —— The company won the Longwan District Patent Demonstration Enterprise"

2009 —— The company's Biochemical Special Globe Valve (HG/T4086-2009) national chemical industry standard was released nationwide


2011 —— Anti-theft sampling valve obtained national invention patent

2011 —— The company won the title of National High-tech Enterprise

2011 —— The company won the patent demonstration enterprise in Wenzhou

2011 —— The company won the title of Wenzhou Science and Technology SMEs

2011 —— The company passed the certification of Wenzhou Technology and Science (Innovation) Enterprise


2012 —— The company undertook the National Fermentation Engineering New Technology and Equipment Seminar and the National 863 Project Latest Achievements Application Technology Forum

2012 —— Antibiotic valve obtained the certificate of industrialization demonstration project of the National Torch Program.


2013 —— The company won the famous trademark of Wenzhou

2013 —— Antibiotic globe valve was rated as a famous brand product in Wenzhou

2013 —— Three links, multiple channels and multiple functions were listed as the national technological innovation fund project for small and medium-sized enterprises


2015 —— Zhang Zuoyin was awarded the "May 1st model worker" of Wenzhou City and Longwan District

2015 —— The company was one of the filming location for the TV series Two Families in Wenzhou.


2016 —— The third generation antibiotic valve and anti-theft sampling valve passed the provincial industrial new product (new technology) appraisal


2017 —— Wang Zhongliang was elected as a member of the fifth CPPCC in Longwan District, Wenzhou

2017 —— The company won the excellent supplier of Tianjushi Group in 2017


2018 —— The company set up "Jinxin" scholarship at East China University of Science and Technology.

2018 —— The company hosted the national industrial biological optimization and control seminar


2020 —— Chairman Zhang Chunfang of Longwan District CPPCC came to the company to investigate and guide the work

2020 —— Relevant leaders of Oujiangkou Industrial Cluster came to the company to investigate investment projects


2021 —— The company set up "Jinxin" scholarship in Zhejiang University of Technology

2021 —— The head of Longwan District XiaYujiang and his delegation came to the company to investigate and guide the work. Academician Zheng Yuguo of the Chinese Academy of Engineering came to the company to visit and guide

2021 —— The company held the third general meeting of the Association of Science and Technology and held the general election

2021 —— The company won the title of "Rest assured factory"


2021 —— The company successfully obtained the right to use 36 mu of state-owned construction land at Oujiang Estuary

2021 —— The company actively participated in "Maker China" innovation and entrepreneurship competition

2021 —— The company went into the lecture hall of Zhejiang University of Technology to give a lecture to the national advanced seminar

2021 —— 88 Integrity Day, the company is on the red list.

2021 —— The company won the title of "Hero of Yield per mu" Class A enterprise for three consecutive years

2021 —— The company was invited to participate in the 2021 Enterprise executives sharing and exchange meeting of East China University of Technology