Industry Application


Pharmaceutical and chemical industry


Pharmaceutical and chemical industry plays a very important role in protecting and improving people's health,improving the quality of life, providing family planning, disaster relief and epidemic prevention, preparing for war supplies, and promoting economic development and social progress.


Fermentation Industry


Fermentation engineering refers to the use of engineering techniques to produce useful biological products for human beings by utilizing some functions of organisms (mainly microorganisms) and active enzymes in vitro.


Steam Pipeline


Due to steam molecules are in a turbulent thermal movement, they collide with each other and collide with the container wall and the liquid surface.
When they collide with the liquid surface, some molecules are attracted by liquid molecules.

Customer Case


Project Site

The company has carefully designed and produced the zero-leakage antibiotic valve series products that meet the requirements of biomedicine, fine chemicals and preparations, and has obtained more than 20 national utility model patents and appearance patents.
The anti-theft sampling valve has obtained the national invention patents (to fill the domestic gap), and is known by experts as "the killer of leakage and the helper to control the infection".

At present

the largest 200 cubic fermenter ARA

DHA fermentation workshop biochemical special stop valve

Service Support

With excellent technical quality and differentiated services to obtain more customer satisfaction and constantly expand the market Fully develop overseas markets and domestic sales network to provide customers with efficient localized services.

  • Pre-sales Service

    The products are tested in strict accordance with the requirements of photography and relevant standards when leaving the factory, which is the guarantee of safety.

  • On-sale Service

    If the product does not meet the corresponding design and manufacturing standards or has quality problems before delivery, we will repair it for free, or even replace the whole valve.

  • After-sales Service

    In case of any quality problem of our products, we guarantee to give a satisfactory reply or send personnel to eliminate the quality problem within 24 hours after receiving the quality feedback information.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our company implements the national joint guarantee system for its products, and promises that the conventional valves are under normal working conditions The warranty period is 12 months